BT7025 - Collar Adaptor for Horizontal poles

CODE: BT7025

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Allows poles to be mounted horizontally across fixed vertical poles
Suitable for both 50mm and 60mm poles
For 50mm poles requires 3 x BT7051 or BT7053 heavy duty collars
For 60mm poles requires 3 x BT7060 or BT7261 heavy duty collars

In Silver or Black


The recommended weight limit of the BT7025 is 140Kg (70Kg each side of the BT7025).  Individual weight limits of attached and supporting mounts must not be exceeded. As B-Tech has no control over how this product is used, it is important that installers ensure the structure is strong enough before attaching AV equipment and that the structure is counterbalanced at both ends of all horizontal poles. B-Tech accepts no liability for loss or damage caused by improper installation or mounting on unstable structures.