iPad / Tablet PC

HC8315483 - iPad 1/2 / Tablet PC Neoprene Case

CODE: HC8314789

£15.00   £10.50 (Inc. VAT)
Soft touch Black Neoprene case designed to protect the iPad or other popular tablet Computers when not in use. More
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HC8315488 - iPad / tablet PC Car Head Rest Mount White

CODE: HC4815488

£23.00   £12.95 (Inc. VAT)
This Tablet car mount easily attaches to the a car seat headrest supports so the occupants in the rear can use it in comfort. Suitable for iPad 2 and... More
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HC8315485 - iPad 1/2 & Tablet PC Desk Stand

CODE: HC8315485

£19.99   £15.20 (Inc. VAT)
Easel style folding desk stand suitable for use with iPads and most other popular Tablet style computers. Lightweight easy to carry, folds flat so... More
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HC8315161 - iPad 1 Hard Shell - FREE DELIVERY

CODE: HC8315161

£19.99   £15.99
For the orginal iPad. iShell iPad protection shell, is made from durable hard plastic with soft rubber inner, which offers superb iPad protection to... More
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HC8315447 Universal Tablet PC Stand

CODE: HC8315447

£32.45   £21.43 (Inc. VAT)
Lightweight and portable stand for most popular Tablet screens. Ideal for using on your desk in the home, workplace or when travelling. * Easy to attach... More
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HC8315483 - iPad 1/2 Desk Stand

CODE: HC8315483

£28.95   £21.50 (Inc. VAT)
iPad Desk Stand Constructed from anodised Aluminium for iPad 1 and iPad 2 tablets. Adjustable 360 degrees for optimum viewing comfort. Anti-glare... More
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HC8315162 - iPad 1 Spin Stand

CODE: HC8315162

£31.20   £21.75 (Inc. VAT)
Multifunction Spinstand for the orginal iPad. Lightweight and portable. Designed with multi-functions;offering iPad protection... More
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HC8315163 - iPad Spin workstation

CODE: HC8315163

£29.90 (Inc. VAT)
A super functional work station / stand specially designed for the iPad, offers comfortable viewing angles for long hours of use. Features a sturdy base... More